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"We fly experiments in space"
A pioneer in the commercialization of space since 1982, ITA provides low-cost, turn-key access to space of its flight-proven hardware for microgravity research. Through multi-year flight arrangements with space agencies and private organizations world-wide, ITA provides frequent access to valuable space flight opportunities for industry, research institutions and entrepreneurs. 

ITA's experience and know-how permit its customers to fly microgravity payloads at low cost on the Space Shuttle, sounding rockets, low-gravity aircraft, orbital re-entry vehicles, and the International Space Station.

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Space Shuttle STS-67 astronaut William Gregory activating ITA LMA vials in orbit.

ITA has been a pioneer in the commercial development of space by providing low-cost, generic space hardware and frequent flight opportunities. ITA makes everything easy by doing all interfacing with NASA and other space agencies, experiment requirements, safety reviews, flight qualification tests, payload integration, launch and recovery support, mission operations support, and final documentation.


ITA's CIBX-2 Payload is Manifested on STS-107


STS-107, scheduled for launch in April 2002 will carry ITA's CIBX-2 commercial payload with automated space processing hardware.

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